Swirl Away Flushing Spa Cleaning 475ml


Swirl Away Flushing Spa Cleaning 475ml – Clean your hot tub pipes to elongate the life of your spa using Swirl Away®. Over time grime, grit and other detritus can accumulate in hot tubs inner workings, occasionally causing costly faults to occur. Regular use of a hot tub cleaner such as Swirl Away (Every 2-3 months or when hot tub water is changed over) will greatly reduce the risk of this happening and in doing so will lengthen the life of your hot tub.

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Directions: Before draining the water of your tub pour in half a bottle of Swirl Away and turn the main pump on at high speed for one hour with all air control valves closed and the filter removed, then drain your tub to finish the process.

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