Spa Cover Vinyl Restorer Protector – By lo-chlor


Spa Cover Vinyl Restorer And Protector – By lo-chlor

The unique product formulated to clean and restore Spas covers. At the same time protects them against UV, moisture and the formation of fungi extending its useful life. Cleans – Protects – Restores.

Spray directly onto the cover and wipe over with a clean cloth. If the cover is exceedingly dirty then spray for a second time and polish.

Additional Notes for Spa Vinyl Restorer & Protector: This product acts as a water repellent effectively giving a cover its own raincoat, it also protects the cover from fading from UV Rays. This product remains effective for up to 30 days giving you peace of mind, however, the more you use it the better it protects.




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Spa Vinyl Restorer Protector is a unique product that has been specially formulated to both restore and protect Spa & Hot Tub vinyl covers. Our product is based on proven technologies in the marine industry.


  • Water Repellent.
  • Built in SPF Protection.
  • Remains effective for up to 30 days.

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